Owen has had some great successes with sponsored walks and bag packing and has raised the full amount for his expedition this summer already.  He is now planning a giant board game (read on for more) to raise funds for his kit!

At first I was really nervous, usually I’m not too good with situations that I’m uncommon with, but as time has gone on and I’ve raised more and more money it’s become really exciting! Im really looking forward to seeing the big cities as well as the rural areas. Lake Titicaca looks absolutely incredible – I’m so looking forward to being able to look over the lake as the sun sets. I’m also really excited to meet the locals and see the way they live – because that really fascinates me. It will also give me chance to practise my Spanish.

To raise my first amount, back in March of 2018, I walked 15 miles along the Jurassic Coast with my Dad and sister (most of it was hills as well – it wasn’t easy!) but I did it and raised my first £200. It’s weird to think, now having raised all my money, how much it would take to raise the full amount. I have also done 3 bag packs with my family which have been really useful – each bag pack raised around £500 which I thought was just incredible! Bag packing was great – it increased my confidence and I loved telling customers all about the work we will be doing. I’m so grateful to everybody who donated and sponsored me. I can’t thank my family and friends enough for supporting me through this too.

In May, I travelled all the way from Calne to Snowdonia and climbed Mount Snowdon – again it really wasn’t easy – and it was really foggy too, which didn’t help. But still, I trekked the whole way up and back down again (breaking in my new expedition boots). My dad went out of his way to do that with me which I cannot thank him enough for. My neighbours have been incredible at continually sponsoring me as I got closer to my goal. The climb raised me just under £500! My last bag pack was on 9th December and that was the point when I raised the full amount required, which is just truly amazing and I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who sponsored me!img_0091

I am now raising money for all my kit. In March, I am planning to travel to London to try and visit all the spaces on the Monopoly board in a set space of time, even though I have already raised enough money to go on the trip this will be to help fundraise for the kit required. It should be really exciting because I’ve always tried to do events that are a little bit different because people need to be interested to sponsor me. Hopefully, it should be enough to raise the last part I need. Thank you so much to everyone who supported me!

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