Twin sisters, in the same house, fundraising for the same trip at the same time – sounds like a challenge to us!! However it is a challenge that Sophie and Hollie took upon themselves and have totally succeeded in advance of their expedition this summer.

When my twin sister and I first heard about this trip we were both excited and nervous!!
We knew we both definitely wanted to go but how were we going to raise £8000 between us!!
It just didn’t feel possible at first but after talking it over with our parents and getting support from family and friends and seeing how others went about it, we signed up.

As soon as we signed up to go on the Expedition we made a list of things we could possibly do to raise funds.  Within the first week my mum’s work colleagues at the local supermarket donated a small food hamper that we sold tickets for in the store and raised our first £240!!  That was a great incentive to plan our next fundraiser so we decided to make snowmen decorations and sell them on facebook to friends and family, plus we booked a bag pack which took our total to £1500.  0821baa1-85d4-48d5-990d-104965512997

We then planned a Valentines Dance at the Town Hall.  We were a bit nervous incase nobody turned up, but with help from friends & family it turned out to be a great night and we managed to raise £1015!

After that we went on a sponsored walk, Easter raffle, (lots of local shops,businesses were happy to donate raffle prize ) and within the first 4 months we had our first £4000.  We also had Car boot sales and a Halloween Dance.8e847f22-0577-4594-81b4-b08267b92846

The most recent was our stall at Christmas Fair which was a great hit ! We personalised wooden reindeer decorations which were so popular we carried on taking orders afterwards.


We also did another bag pack that we shared with a friend that is also going on our trip.
We have now less than £200 to raise between us and with our next fundraiser in a few weeks hope to have this plus some kit money.
We were lucky enough to recieve some kit plus camps hoody for Xmas. We have started having our immunisations now and are getting excited about our trip now.

We have a carboot table booked in a few weeks time and have been kindly donated a wood carving that we will raffle. Our local community have been great in supporting us and plan to inform them about our trip when we get back.

We love to hear from you about your fundraising and if you would like to enter, please click on the link below and fill in your details:

We are currently giving away a hoody as a thank you for sending in your fundraising blog!