Luisa always knew she wanted to join her school’s Kenya expedition as they have been doing it for a long time.  She still had to fundraise though, and selling various tasty treats has helped her on her way.  

This is the 10th Kenya trip my school has been on and from starting at the school 5 years ago I have always wanted to go. I’m glad that I now have the opportunity, I feel excited and nervous st the same time, but really look forward to seeing and working within another culture.

I didn’t really have a fundraising plan when I started. Originally I set up a Go fund me account and Easyfundraising page. Then I sold Christmas items at school which brought in quite a bit of money. It has been hard going and some months I did worry that I wouldn’t be able to raise the money. I did a few boot fairs last summer which also raised quite a bit and I made chutney and jam to sell along with unwanted items that had been donated. I made bunting and posters and placed around the stall to decorate, some people even made random donations. In September I started making fudge to sell at school , it was really a bit hit and miss with the recipe and some weeks I had to throw away the whole batch as the fudge burnt at the bottom of the pan. I use a different recipe now and it sets every time!edaa7d3a-a889-4cc6-84d6-e766bd04e739

Recently, as well as selling fudge at school I have been making brownies and cookies. This week I have made heart shaped iced biscuits for Valentines. These have been a big hit. With the help of my mum, friends and family I have managed to raise nearly all of the amount. I have £600 left to go. Everyone has been so supportive I really didn’t think I would raise as much as I have.05fed740-a911-4bdd-a0ad-429ff55b2597


In 2 weeks time, I am holding a quiz night, I am currently selling tickets for £3 and will sell more on the door. I have written to local businesses for raffle prizes and have received donations from family of unwanted Christmas presents. My Auntie has devised the quiz and will be the quizmaster. She has made a Facebook poster which she uploaded and can be seen by all her friends. I hope the evening will be s big success. I also plan to do a couple of bootfairs at Easter, so fingers crossed for good weather!!

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