Wow – just wow! What can I say!  In Izzy’s fundraising journey so far, she has done a sponsorerd event AND she has found something she loves and created a mini business!

When I first heard about the expedition I was utterly terrified!!!

I was very daunted by the whole idea. The total amount to be raised seemed impossible. I have done lots of adventurous stuff through my scouting career but this was on another level. My mum pointed out that it was a life changing opportunity……it made me think…..what if I never get to do something like this again? Will I always regret it? Could I really do this? I had lots of long conversations with my mum. She said I could…..I was still not sure.  When I entered into this, I was still not sure, but I’d never know if I don’t try. I am now flitting between excitement and nerves!!!
To raise my first amount I did a sponsored swim at my local pool. I swam 2km in 1 and 1/2 hours and raised £500. That was a good boost to my confidence. I realised how many people were behind me and that they really helped.
Next I wanted to create something that I could sell on stalls. I’m passionate about animals and have my own dog who is like my shadow. I found a recipe for homemade dog biscuits. Myself, my mum and my grandma made lots of trial biscuits to see how they would turn out. We settled on one recipe and ordered the packaging online. We set about making lots of biscuits and even came up with some new flavours.
We made apple, carrot, mint and parsley flavour. Over the summer we sold lots at dog shows and car boots sales. They proved very popular and we eventually had people ringing to order more. After doing a Christmas market, we were approached by a farm shop to stock them. Things were becoming serious now.
Unknown-6We improved the packaging and labelling and registered ourselves as Pet Food manufacturers. This was quite difficult but it means we can have them in shops. We now have them in 4 local shops and cafes, and do 2 farmers markets each month!!!
I’m now preparing for my next sponsored event- a 40km cycle which is the height of Mount Kinabalu x10!!
I have raised most of my money and have about £500 left to go. My grandma has helped with the cost of vaccines so I would like to continue fundraising to pay her back.
Our local council has offered me the use of a smoothie making bike. It’s like a static bike with a blender on the front that you peddle and make a smoothie. I’m hoping to have this at a festival in May. I think it will be good fun to do.

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