Who knows what pin/String art is?  I certainly didn’t until I read how Holly started her fundraising!!

When we were first approached about going to Peru I was ‘nerve-cited’ (both nervous and excited at the same time)! I never been away for this long before and without my parents. I’m really excited now as we fast approach the trip and cannot wait to experience everything Peru has to offer.

To raise my first amount I made pin/string art (as pictured). I’d initially made one in my engineering class as an extra piece of work and found that I really enjoyed making them so decided that I’d try to sell some. I advertised that I was making these on Facebook and had quite a few orders for different designs such as robins, unicorns and a converse boot. The most difficult being the West Ham badge I made for my Uncle. I made over £200 selling these.9805a91d-5350-4ff9-8db8-3c53714afc1c

It’s been hard work as, like most of you, I am also studying hard for my exams but my mum has been an amazing help!! Between us we have bag packed at Morrison’s (on Christmas Eve…very lucrative), held a Children’s rock painting event and done car boots. I have managed to get sponsorship totalling £600 and within the next few days will be paying a further £200 off once the cheque clears! At Christmas we sold 350 Hot Chocolate Reindeer raising £550. dd23ca63-f84e-445c-998b-dc1c5d0d71f2We have also, as a group and with a huge amount of help and support from our school, organised a curry and comedy evening at our local curry house which was a massive success. My mums friend even passed around a bowl at my mums birthday party asking for donations to my trip…he raised another £100 just doing this!! In total we have raised £2475 (£2675 once my latest cheque clears).52ec84fb-5118-45ca-8fdb-654044f319cb

We are on to the final push for our fundraising now so am going to be selling Easter Bunny Poop and Bunny Bait in the lead up to Easter. I am also going to doing number squares with prizes donated from local businesses. As car boot season is again starting we will be doing more of these as it’s a great way of raising money and getting rid of things you no longer need or want. I have most of my kit for the trip already as a lot was either given to me or received as gifts for my birthday and Christmas.

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