Jeska has been trying to juggle exams as well as fundraising – little and often has helped her balance everything perfectly.  A little bit of organisation, a little bit of team work and a little bit of effort COMBINED with all her school work and revision and she is all set to go on her expedition at the end of July.

I’d been waiting for what seemed like ages, for my school to announce the Camps expedition opportunity. My sister had been with Camps to Tanzania and she had the most amazing time – I just knew it was something I wanted to do, especially when they said it was to Costa Rica. Having the opportunity to help others, meet new people, learn about new cultures and help the environment was an opportunity not to be missed. We knew the fundraising would be hard but we took the approach of ‘little and often’ to fit in with school and my families busy jobs.

The first activity we did was to sign up to Easyfundraising. Over 14months, we have raised £100, just through shopping we would have done anyway!

We then did a huge clear out and sold lots of old toys and games. I also traded in old electronic devices, altogether raising £200.
We sent letters to local businesses for sponsorship but we didn’t do too well with responses.
I knew the fundraising would be hard. My mum was having a big operation which meant I’d be looking after her over the summer holidays plus my sister was going to university. Even though, as a family, we’d done this before, some of the fundraising approaches we’d used for my sister, didn’t work so well this time – and also I didn’t want to copy, like having my hair cut off!0f48b295-76b8-4501-8d2f-26cc237bf4b3

Recently my mum held a cake sale at her work, with two other mums who’s daughters are also going to Costa Rica. That raised just under £300 which we split between us.
A few of also took part in a joint ‘rugby’ raffle as we had been donated some great Gloucester rugby prizes, which for my share, I raised £250.
I was also given money for birthday and Christmas which came to £300 (and I still have my 16th birthday to come).

The local Rotary Club have given me a grant of £450 and I will go back to see them in the autumn to share my expedition experience with them.

I have also had tables selling plants and handmade gifts at a local guide event and a summer fete with my sister and mums partner, also helping.
To date, I have raised just over £3,000, with lots still in the pipeline!0e2b7f8b-82eb-4666-8d11-b85fa6e8b985

We’re holding a table top sale next weekend and have a Band Night and Bingo night planned in May and June. Our school expedition group will also be doing one final bag pack at a local supermarket next month.
We’ll be fundraising until I go on expedition and it will be hard with GCSE revision to do too but I believe we can do it! Little and often is working for us – it’s surprising how quickly it all adds up!

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