Henry and his mum have worked hard together to ensure that his fundraising has got off to a great start.     

A quick blog about our fundraising so far which has been a case of ”So far so good.”

We have managed to pay £1550 off of our journey so far.  Henry has cleared snow off neighbours pathways on the first part of his journey.  Then he had a sweet sale at school and made £75 clear profit. 20190309_105501(0)_resized

We have then put on a jumble sale where Henry and I put out 500 leaflets around our local villages and some in Henry’s old primary school book bags. Henry went to the houses then picking up the jumble and personally saying thankyou to everyone. We have put alot updates on Facebook asking friends and family for old things clothes and bottles for tombola and raffle prizes. We have now had a jumble sale and raised £1147 before costs and I think the total raised was approx £1000 of profit. Plus we still have alot of good items left for a auction at a later date. 20190308_204415_resized20190308_204529_resized

We have now purchased another £140 worth of sweets for our next fund raiser which should be in school and we are just waiting for a date to come up.  Both Henry and I have totally enjoyed this project so far.   Our journey has given Henry a lot more confidence and it has been brilliant so far.  Its got Henry meeting other children from his school who he probably wouldn’t have met.  Now they have been hands on helping each other with their journeys. ❤20190309_100709_resized

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