Here at Camps, we like to explore different ways of fundraising. This year, we have challenged our newest members of the Camps Crew to get involved and fundraise as much money as they can for the Camps Foundation. Here is how Katie got on:

I decided that one way I am going to raise money for the Camps Foundation is to sing in local nursing homes. So, I spent some time deciding on my song list and creating a script making sure I had access to backing tracks for each song and the songs were suitable for the audience. I decided on a range of musicals songs and songs from the 60’s and 80’s. I then phoned local nursing homes to book in with them, when I could come and sing. I organised with each that I would sing for 1 hour for £40 which would go towards the foundation.

I then spent some time tweaking and practising the script and songs and I decided to wear my Camps International T-Shirt with a floaty blue, floor length skirt. To make people aware of the cause, I printed out the Camps foundation logo and made image bunting to decorate the place with while I was singing.

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On the first day, I sang in two nursing homes. Both went really well, and the residents loved the set. They sang and danced along to all the music and it brought back many happy memories for them. For the third nursing home, I asked the manager if she would mind me filming it for my blog about my fundraising and she said that it was fine. I set my camera up to the side so it would be on me, and not so much on the residents. I then visited two more nursing homes one which was for adults with disabilities, who loved getting up and dancing with me. The second was another home for elderly people who clapped and sang along – and even asked for an encore!

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In the final nursing home it was a smaller space but the staff and residents loved it and joined in. One man requested me to sing ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean’ at the end – so we all sang it acapella together. I have really enjoyed singing in the nursing homes and all the residents and staff loved it and have asked when I am going to come back! So next time I am doing some fundraising I have some great contacts I can use again – perhaps even at around Christmas time!

If Katie’s story has inspired you to use your talents for fundraising, we want to hear about it! You can enter you best fundraising stories into our Friday Fundraising Star here for the chance to receive a hoodie as a thank you!