A Mesmerising Wildlife Haven

Sea lions chill on the beach, hammerhead sharks cruise the depths and blue-footed boobies soar overhead; welcome to the Galapagos Islands. Experience the richest marine ecosystem on earth, tread Darwin’s footsteps on the volcanic islands that inspired his ‘Theory of Evolution’ back in 1835. Available as an add on to all of our Ecuador volunteer programmes.

The extreme isolation of the islands (around 600 miles west of mainland Ecuador) combined with seismic and volcanic activity has led to the development of abundant animal life. You only have to slap on your snorkel and get your feet in some flippers to come face to face with friendly turtles and inquisitive sea lions, we definitely recommend an underwater camera and loads of memory space for all your photos!


Day 1

Fly from mainland Ecuador – approximately 2.5 hours from Quito – to arrive in Baltra (Santa Cruz). We’ll head into Puerto Ayora, the island’s capital, ready to start our adventure. After checking into the hotel and having lunch we will head to Playa Aleman to practice some snorkeling and swim in Las Grietas, a stretch of inland crystal clear emerald green water at the bottom of a volcanic rock formation.


Day 2

Morning: We’ll head to the highlands to visit Rancho Primicius or El Chato, where you can see enormous giant tortoises in their natural environment, and then visit the lava tunnels which were created during the formation of the islands when the hot volcanic lava met cold sea water.

Afternoon: Off to the Charles Darwin Research Station, a working scientific research base which is central to the preservation of these islands and its animals.


Day 3

A day trip to Pinzon Island that offers a beautiful scenery and an impressive appreciation of marine wildlife. We’ll jump off the boat in our snorkel gear and swim around Bahia Pinguino where there is a chance to see some of the following: turtles, beautiful vibrant fish, marine iguanas, sea lions, sharks, rays, penguins and dolphins. After having lunch on board we’ll stop at Bahia La Fe, an almost perfect bay where crabs and marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies and mangroves are all found.


Day 4

We will head to the Finca Huerta Luna to learn about sustainable eco-agriculture on the Galapagos Islands and work on developing systems to allow fruit and vegetables to be grown on the islands.


Day 5

A walk out to Tortuga Bay. The walk takes us through mangrove forests full of Galapagos Catci, and along a fantastic beach. At Tortuga Bay, you’ll enjoy a few hours on this amazing beach, swimming and chilling. You will have some time in the afternoon for those last-minute souvenir shopping.


Day 6

Fly back to Quito – bucket list ticked!


For more information about this exciting addition to your South America trip, please contact the team here at Camps on 01425 485390 or through our contact form. They’ll be happy to talk through your booking and make the necessary arrangements to add this amazing experience to your trip.

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*Please note this itinerary is subject to change. Please contact the team for more information.