Working Together Towards Common Goals

We have been working in partnership with a number of the below partners since the beginning back in 2002. Our relationship with each partner is founded on a shared passion, whether that be making life better for communities less fortunate than ourselves, protecting endangered wildlife or reforestation of our rainforests.

The African Travel & Tourism Association

ATTA is a trade association that promotes tourism to Africa from all corners of the world. Recognised and the Voice of African Tourism, the association fosters a dynamic exchange of information between it’s members and the media. Membership encompasses accommodation suppliers, safari operators, wholesalers, transport providers, publications and many other tourist related products. Media members include the many influential travel and breaking news based journalists.

Responsible Travel is a UK based online travel agent for travellers who want more real and authentic holidays that also benefit the environment and local people. We market carefully pre-screened holidays from over 270 leading worldwide tourism brands and

Kenyan Association of Tour Operators

The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) is Kenya’s foremost tourism trade association, representing the interests of over 250 of the leading and most experienced professional tour operators in Kenya. Our members are amongst the finest safari operators in the world, and offer a wide range of services. It is KATO’s mission to uphold the good reputation of Kenya as a tourist destination by ensuring that Kenyan Tour Operators maintain the highest possible standards of service.

TATO – Tanzania Association of Tour Operators

TATO is the only government recognised representative for tour operators in Tanzania. It represents over 200 tour operators as well as hotels, airlines, and other players in Tanzania’s tourism industry. Our members meet high standards of quality and service. They pledge to adhere to our Code of Ethics, and to truthfully and accurately present to you, the customer. With a TATO member, you can rest assured that you are getting the best, and most reliable, vacation in Tanzania!

Eco Tourism Kenya

Ecotourism Kenya is a civil society organisation that was established in 1996. Founded with enormous support from the tourism industry in Kenya, it plays a key role in ensuring that Kenya’s tourism is sustainable, both in terms of concern for the environment and for the welfare of local communities.We encourage the adoption of best practices in the use of tourism resources, working with local communities and managing wastes and emissions.

The East African Wildlife Society

For over forty years, EAWLS has been at the forefront in the efforts to protect endangered, rare or threatened species and habitats in East Africa. As part of our conservation ethos, Camp Kenya is a corporate member of the society. Please take time to look at their website and if you share our love of wildlife, go one step further and become a member.

WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature

Established in 1961, WWF operates in more than 100 countries working for a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. They are currently funding around 2,000 conservation projects and employ almost 4,000 people worldwide.


PACOS Trust (PACOS) is a community based volunteer organisation operating in Sabah, Malaysia to help raise the quality of life of indigenous communities. PACOS has been actively involved with communities since 1987. Financial contributions from members, individuals and international funding agencies sustain most of PACOS’ activities. Its mission is “To create a peaceful and united indigenous communities equipped with knowledge and skills to manage resources and opportunities to support a comfortable life.”Camp Borneo works with and takes advice from PACOS on many projects in Sabah and we also make a donation of RM2 per day per person to the trust for every one of our volunteers working on projects in Sabah.

MATTA - Malaysian Association of of Tour and Travel Agents

Malaysian Association Of Tour And Travel Agents (MATTA) is a professionally managed industry body that plays a pivotal role in the travel and tourism industry of Malaysia. This organisation was established in 1975, by a group of aware tour operators and travel agents who wanted to form a platform that could represent their cause in the bigger stage. The growth of MATTA has been inspiring . It started with 30 members and now numbers more than 2,800. The courses offered by the MATTA School of Tourism are recognised by the government of Malaysia and global organizations like IATA and UFTAA. Camp Borneo takes part in regular training programmes with MATTA and liaises with them on any issues affecting tourism in Malaysia


The MESCOT (Model of Ecologically Sustainable Community Tourism) Initiative was started in 1996 by a group of about 30 visionary and dedicated individuals from the different villages of Batu Puteh, eastern Sabah, Borneo. Its aim is to create an alternative medium of income generation for the people of the area, while protecting the remaining rainforest and traditional cultural heritage. The core activity chosen by the MESCOT group is eco-tourism. They hoped it would be the key to raising income in this poor and remote rural community, would increase the economic value of a depleted forest resource, and, in the process, raise funds to support the protection and restoration of the last remaining wetland forests and wildlife of the area. We have been working with MESCOT for 5 years now, placing volunteers with them and working together with the community on year round reforestation project work.


Arkitrek is an architectural business based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo. They are experts in sustainable design, in particular tropical passive design and the integration of architecture with social infrastructure and the natural environment. They practice participatory design and engage with volunteers, students and communities in their projects. Their passion is rooted in a love of wilderness areas and the question of what the construction industry can do to protect them. Arkitrek have designed most of our camps and associated infrastructure and the projects on which we work within Borneo. Their interns assist at our camps and they have been an integral part of everything Camp Borneo has accomplished over the past 5 years.

Maquipucuna Foundation

The Maquipucuna Reserve is the gateway to the Chocó Andean Corridor, one of the earth’s top three biodiversity hotspots. Established in 1988, the Maquipucuna Reserve became Ecuador’s first protected area established by a non-profit organization. The reserve has 14,000 acres of cloud forests of indescribable beauty and ecological value that stretch from 2950 to 8800 feet above sea level . Ten percent (10%) of Ecuador’s plant diversity, as well as over 20% of Ecuador’s bird diversity have been registered at the Maquipucuna Reserve. The Maquipucuna Reserve is the only mid-elevation forest close to Quito where Spectacled Bears have been sighted during several months every year. Camp Ecuador is working with Maquipucuna in helping to conserve this unique environment, with all Team and Gap groups visiting the reserve and working on projects with the Foundation.

GEMS Education

GEMS Education is an international K-12 company that owns and operates high performing schools. It also offers consulting services to both public and private sectors. For over 50 years, GEMS Education has provided high quality education to hundreds of thousands of children around the world.

FOBISSEA - The Federation of British International Schools in South East Asia and East Asia

FOBISSEA is a membership association of British International Schools of quality in the South East Asia and East Asian region. The schools in the Federation work together to provide a range of combined events for their students, professional development opportunities for their teachers and collaboration on a range of matters that support the provision of a British-styled education in the region.

AISA - Association of International Schools in Africa

Representing international schools on the continent of Africa, AISA has a membership of schools which range in size from 20 to 3600 students. AISA schools are strongly influenced by their location in Africa and their cosmopolitan student enrollment and teaching staffs who emanate from countries across the globe. Some AISA schools have an American based curriculum, others are British, and others have an eclectic mix.