Kenya Bush to Beach Conservation Experience

– Duration: 2 months – 

On this impact-filled 2 month trip, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to encounter Kenya’s amazing wildlife and spectacular landscapes, from vast savannahs to white sand beaches and stunning coastline.

Working alongside local organisations and marine biologists, you’ll get involved in hands-on marine conservation work and coral reef restoration, helping to protect marine wildlife and habitats whilst learning about the key issues facing our oceans today. You’ll also be helping to support two rural communities through valuable community projects, developed in partnership with the local people.

In between project work, there’s plenty of time for you to discover the magic of Kenya – spot dolphins on an island boat trip, learn bush survival skills trekking through a wildlife ranch and enjoy an unforgettable Big Game Safari and overnight stay in one of Africa’s top national parks – home to elephants, lion, giraffe, zebra and more.

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Marine Community Wildlife

This programme is designed to impact the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

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Kenya 2 month - Community, Marine, Conservation, Safari, REEFolution

Kenya Bush to Beach Conservation Experience

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The impact that you'll make


School Improvement & Traditional House Building (Muhaka)

School Improvement (Muhaka)

Muhaka village remains one of the poorest communities in the area and many of its residents cannot afford to repair or rebuild their houses, which have deteriorated over time. The school is also in a constant state of disrepair. You will help by building traditional housing for people and supporting the ongoing renovation of the school.


Empowering Communities (Tsavo)

camp tanzania


In this rural area most people are living below the poverty line and lack access to basic resources. You will get the chance to work alongside a group of inspirational women who are already running a number of successful micro finance initiatives to help generate more income for their families. You will assist the women in their daily tasks and help them with ideas and solutions for ongoing growth and success, for them and the wider community.


School Improvement (Tsavo)

School improvement (Tsavo)

The local school and educational facilities are very dilapidated and erosion from seasonal flooding is threatening the buildings foundations making them liable to collapse. You will help by building or renovating school buildings and tackling erosion so that the children have a clean and safe academic environment in which to thrive.


Marine Conservation (Camp Ocean)

Marine Conservation (Ocean)

Increasing pollution and plastic waste on the Kenyan coastline is causing a major threat to important marine habitats and wildlife. You’ll help to protect the local coastline through beach clean-ups and work on a marketing campaign to educate people on waste management, sustainability and the ways we can to reduce negative impacts on marine environments.


Restoring Coral Reefs (Camp Firefly)

Restoring Coral reefs (firefly)

A quarter of the world’s coral reefs are damaged beyond repair and many more are under major threat from overfishing, climate change, tourism and pollution. You’ll help by ‘farming’ coral and outplanting it onto destroyed reef where it will have the chance to grow naturally – which in turn will result in healthier reefs and more fish and marine life.

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Camp Muhaka

Camp Muhaka will quickly become your home away from home. With stylish traditional buildings and a great social scene, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Being in the heart of the village also has its perks; all your project sites are only a short walk away and you can walk with the children to and from school so you’ll be a local in no time!

Location: 1.5-2 hours drive from Mombasa Airport
Accommodation style: Traditional bandas and tents with comfy mattresses and bedding. Modern toilets, showers and sinks
Power: Mains electricity backed up by generator (between 18:00 – 22:00). British 3 pin power sockets
Social area: Based right in the heart of the community, in walking distance to project sites and a short drive to the beach. Chill out zone with camp fire and pool table
Signature dish: Ugali



Camp Mama Mercy (Tsavo)

Right next to our Camp Tsavo, you will be living on the land of Mama Mercy – an incredible local woman who we have been working with for over 6 years. A highly respected member of the community, Mercy is a force to be reckoned with and anyone who has volunteered with us at Camp Kenya is bound to remember her infectious smile and energy.

Location: 3-4 hours drive from Mombasa Airport, 6-7 hours drive from Nairobi Airport
Accommodation style: Traditional bandas, bunk beds with comfy mattresses and bedding. Modern showers and sinks
Power: Mains electricity backed up by generator (between 18:30 – 22:00). British 3 pin power sockets
Social area: Amazing views from camp. Camp fire, football pitch, small bar and gift shop, town nearby
Signature dish: Chef Geoffrey’s amazing chapatis will be one of the highlights of your whole trip – they are that good!

Camp Tsavo_TO BE NAMED_Main Image

Camp Ocean

Camp Ocean boasts one of the most spectacular camp locations, just a 2 minute walk from the award-winning Diani beach. Enjoy waking up to the sounds and sights of the sea and relaxing in the comfy social area after a day of activities.

Location: 3-4 hours drive from Mombasa Airport
Accommodation style: Traditional bandas, bunk beds with comfy mattresses and bedding. Modern showers and sinks
Power: Mains electricity backed up by generator (between 18:30 – 22:00). British 3 pin power sockets
Social area: Large social and mess area with cushions to chill out on and a small shop

Camp Ocean

Camp Firefly

Camp Firefly is based right on the beach on Kenya’s stunning coastline. Enjoy the spectacular views across sparkling clear waters and take a dip in the pool to cool off under the hot African sun.

Location: 1.5 hours South of Diani beach

Accomodation style: Tents with comfy bedding

Power: Available

Available Social area: There is a swimming pool and pool table – plus you’re right by the beach!


Day to Day

Day 1

Welcome to Kenya

Arrive into Moi airport where you’ll be met by a member of our Camps crew before taking the 2-3 hour journey to your first camp, Camp Muhaka. Situated in the heart of a rural village, we have been working with this community for over 7 years so you will be welcomed warmly by the people who will be your family during your stay.

Day 2

Village & community orientation

We’ll take a walk in the village to get to know the local families before having a full briefing on what your work here will involve. During the briefing, you will learn more about the current situation and challenges faced by the community.

Day 3-4

Community project work

In the Muhaka region, there are many vulnerable families and elders whose homes have fallen into disrepair. You will spend the next few days working alongside our locally employed craftsmen, helping to renovate or build a new house for a member of the community.

Day 5

Let’s hit the beach

Take the short 30 minute journey down to the spectacular Diani Beach (voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world) where you can chill out on the beach, have lunch, swim and get some souvenir shopping done.

Day 6

Chill out day

Enjoy a relaxed day at camp where you can take time to chill out, update your travel journal, get some laundry done and just relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Day 7-11

Back to community projects

Spend the rest of the week continuing your work on the house-building project.

Day 12

Beach day

Head to the coast for another day enjoying Diani Beach.

Day 13

Chill out day

Enjoy a well-earned chill out day before the busy week ahead.

Day 14-15

Cultural exchange with local families

Spend the next couple of days gaining a deeper insight into rural village life. Work alongside local families on their farms by cultivating and harvesting crops (season permitting) which is their main source of income. The women will also teach you to cook local delicacies and make Makuti (palm leaf weaving), another income generating activity.

Day 16-17

Back to community projects

Spend the next two days continuing with the house building project.

Day 18

Wildlife spotting at Shimba Hills reserve

The Shimba Hills National Reserve is an area of lush coastal rainforest, woodland and grassland. It is home to a large population of African elephant as well as other species such as sable antelope, elephant shrew, bushy tailed mongoose and other small mammals like fruit bats. We will take you on a guided drive through the reserve where you can take in the beautiful scenery, learn about the biodiversity in the area and – if you’re lucky – spot some of the resident elephants. After a picnic lunch we will take you on a guided hike to a beautiful waterfall situated in the reserve.

Day 19

Beach day

Take an optional trip down to Diani beach to relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand.

Day 20

Chill out day

Spend the day relaxing at camp.

Day 21

Environmental conservation at Kaya forest

Let’s go green and address environmental conservation at the sacred Kaya forest.  We will be clearing a buffer zone for indigenous tree planting and building a sheltered tree nursery. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy a guided walk in the sacred forest with the Kaya elders learning its interesting historical background, uses of its indigenous plants and fascinating cultural practices.

Day 22-24

Mangrove conservation

From the forests to the mangroves – over the next few days you’ll work on an ongoing conservation project in the mangroves near Muhaka. Work here includes planting hundreds of mangrove seedlings, constructing an education centre for marine conservation and refurbishing fishponds and extending the boardwalk for Baraka Women’s Group.

Day 25

Marine conservation project commences

Say your farewells to Camp Muhaka as your transfer down to Camp Ocean where you will begin your Marine Conservation Project programme (MCP). This amazing 3-day programme will expose you to marine wildlife, habitats and conservation as you learn about the key issues facing our oceans today. You’ll gain practical experience collecting data and learning about various research projects and methods – highly valuable if you’re considering a career in the marine sector and an incredible insight for anyone passionate about environmental issues.

After lunch you will be taken to the marine centre where you will be given an introduction to the program and a tour of the facility before returning to Camp Ocean for dinner.

If luck is on our side, be prepared to drop everything and rush to experience the amazing sight of baby turtles hatching. We will make sure we have transport ready for you. Turtle hatchlings usually happen between 6pm to midnight as they hatch according to the moon.

Day 26

Snorkelling trip to discover marine life

Today is a full day of MCP where, depending on the tides, you will join the marine biologist on a snorkelling trip to a nearby amazing sandbank where you can learn more about the marine life and the coral reefs. You will have some time to relax on the sandbank and swim in the crystal blue waters. Once back at the centre, you will use photos to identify fish species. You will also learn about other research around the world and its implications. During your free time in Diani you will be able to go explore the nearby bars, shops and restaurants.

Day 27

Coastal conservation and farewell beach BBQ

For your final day you will take part in a beach clean-up in the morning, learning about best practises and segregating waste for recycling, followed by a workshop on sustainability. You will wrap up the MCP program with a review of the activities. Lunch will be had at the lovely Nomads Restaurant which is situated on one of the best parts of Diani Beach, after which you will be free for the rest of the day to hang out on the beach, swim and maybe experience some of the local nightlife.

Day 28

Chill out day

Spend a day relaxing in Muhaka as you prepare to hit the road for the next phase of your programme tomorrow.

Day 29

Welcome to Camp Tsavo

After an early breakfast in camp, we’ll take the 6-8 hour journey to your new home at Camp Tsavo. Here you will be warmly welcomed by our Camp Manager who will run a camp safety briefing and orientation of the camp. Our project leader will give you an overview of what your time will involve and you’ll finish your day practicing some Swahili phrases around the campfire.

Day 30

Project orientation

After a much-needed sleep, our project leaders will take you round to visit the various locations where you will be doing your projects. You will gain an understanding of the issues you will be helping to tackle through your project work and we’ll establish your goals and objectives. You’ll also visit the local school to meet the local teachers and students and practice your Swahili phrases as you get ready to start your project work here this week.

Day 31-33

School project work

Spend the next 3 days helping to improve school infrastructure and facilities. Your work could include building classrooms or toilets, making desks or erecting gabions to counteract soil erosion which threatens the school buildings.  You’ll be interacting with local people and schoolchildren every day, as well as supporting teachers to improve English speaking in the local schools.

Day 34

Relax at Voi Wildlife Lodge

After a busy first week, we’ll head to Voi Wildlife Lodge for the day where you can watch wild animals drinking out of the waterhole whilst cooling off in an infinity pool – the perfect way to unwind and take in your surroundings.

Day 35-38

Back to school project work

Head back to your project work at the local school for the next few days.

Day 39

Cultural exchange and women’s group

Gain a deeper insight into rural village life as you spend the day with local families, helping to assist them with crop production and animal husbandry through livestock deworming. You’ll also spend time with an inspiring women’s group, learning to make bead crafts which can be sold to generate income.

Day 40

Adventure bush trek

Start the day with breakfast at camp before setting off for a full day adventure trek to the Marungu hills where you will have a picnic lunch in ancient caves while enjoying the panoramic views of the Rukinga ranch. Your guide will teach you bush survival skills which have been practised for hundreds of years, such as making a bush shelter, making fire and Bushmen bow and arrow shooting.

Day 41

Overnight safari adventure

After an early breakfast, pack your bags and embark on your overnight safari in Tsavo East National Park – home to a variety of amazing wildlife including lions, elephants, birds, zebra and giraffe to name a few. After an afternoon game drive, you will return to the lodge for dinner and an overnight stay. The waterhole in front of the camp is visited by elephant and buffalo and is a perfect spot to enjoy a cold Tusker beer after your game drive.

Day 42

Head back to Camp Muhaka

Today we’ll head back towards the coast to return to Camp Muhaka and continue our community project work here for the next few days.

Day 43-45

Complete community project work

Spend the next couple of days putting the final touches to the house-building project before handing it over to a very appreciative community member.

Day 46

Beach day

After your stay in the bush at Camp Tsavo, it’s time to head back to the beach for another day at the beautiful Diani beach.

Day 47

Goodbye Camp Muhaka

Spend your final day relaxing in Muhaka and saying your final farewells to the community members who will have become like family during your time here.

Day 48-54

REEFolution marine conservation

Your final week will be spent at Camp Firefly where you’ll take part in our hands-on marine conservation project in partnership with local organisation REEFolution. The main aim of this project is to “farm” coral and outplant it onto destroyed reef where it will then have a chance to grow naturally, which in turn will result in healthier reefs and more fish and marine life. Project work will involve snorkelling, making and planting of coral trees, beach clean-ups and learning about how to tackle pollution in the oceans.

Day 55

Boat trip to Wasini Island

Spend your final day in style on an unforgettable boat trip to the beautiful Wasini island. You’ll embark on a full day excursion on a traditional wooden dhow, with the chance to snorkel and spot some dolphins if you’re lucky! The best way to end an amazing 2 months in Kenya.

Day 56

Kwaheri from Kenya

We’ll say our final farewells (or Kwaheri in Swahili) before transferring you back to the airport in time for your flight home.


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