It’s Easier Than You Think

We have been working with teachers for over 14 years and have fantastic, ex-teacher employees within our team! We really do understand the extreme workload and time constraints that teachers face, which often results in feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of preparing for a successful school expedition.

You may be worrying about the responsibility of looking after students overseas, how much time it will take up and what your responsibilities will be. That’s why we have done as much of the hard work for you as possible. We are school expedition specialists and since 2002, have provided premium experiences for hundreds of UK and International schools, offering a wide range of award-winning projects with a proven track record of quality and safety.

We are here to support you throughout this process, from the very first meeting all the way up to the expedition itself, where we will also be with you in your destination country.

That’s why 9 out of 10 schools choose to travel with us again and again.

We are unique, no other provider owns and operates over 15 permanent camps across three continents. This allows us to commit year round to our volunteer projects, ensuring maximum benefit to the communities are camps are located alongside. This also aids our unrivalled safety systems, in place to deal with emergencies. Our permanent presence also means we are able to provide the lead teacher with the opportunity to undertake a one week teacher training visit to our camps and projects prior to the expedition.

We put safety first, adhering to a minimum 1:10 ratio of adult to students and an experienced and qualified expedition leader accompanies every travelling team. We hold the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, which is your assurance that we have been thoroughly checked and have all of the necessary risk assessments and crisis responses in place to make the sign off process for you nice and easy.

Here at Camps International we offer unrivalled support, as we understand the demands of a teacher’s workload. Our small, friendly team of Expedition Coordinators are on hand to guide you through the entire process and minimize any additions to your ‘to do list!’. We have experienced expedition coordinators throughout the country, available to provide you with the personal support you and your students need.

We deliver the launch process from start to finish and afterwards we will make regular visits to your school to support you and your students in the build up to the expedition. We also have a fundraising support team to keep the students enthused and inspired prior to the trip and an operations team to handle all enquiries from students and parents, to free up your time.

How Your Students Will Benefit

Our projects bring learning to life by deepening young peoples understanding of the environment, politics, sociology, history and culture, as well as many opportunities for personal development, discovery and challenge.

Students will fully integrate with new cultures, speak new languages, gain a deeper understanding of other communities, make new and lasting friendships and improve their leadership skills.

Even before the expedition, they will learn a huge range of skills during their preparations, gaining experience in teamwork, time management, financial awareness and of course, resourcefulness!

Students completing any of our one-month expeditions have the opportunity to earn UCAS points (ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness Level 3 euqivalent to a B at AS Level). Registration is included in every programme and we moderate student portfolios so that you don’t have to. Alternatively, every student completing any of our one-month expeditions is also automatically eligible for an ASDAN Universities Award that will enhance their CV.

What You’ll Gain

Being in the jungles of Borneo or on the side of a mountain in East Africa is a hugely different to being with your students in the classroom and it is these differences that make a teacher’s role so exciting and fulfilling.

Taking on the responsibility of coordinating an expedition with us will provide increased recognition within your school and will help to enhance your continuing Professional Development Portfolio. We also provide training for expedition teachers before each trip.

The greatest rewards, however, come from actually being on expedition with your students, bonding with the group, seeing their personal and social skills improve and encouraging them to become independent, confident and self-reliant. In short, an expedition is an adventure for the teachers as well as for the students.

As a teacher heading up an exclusive school team you will travel for free, but will also be eligible for our ‘Just for Teachers’ loyalty scheme, whereby you can claim large discounts on travel, clothing, equipment, first aid courses and more.

Raise the profile of your school, our expeditions can raise the profile of your school with parents, the local community, prospective new teachers and the media. Several schools have found student retention for sixth form has increased, with more applicants applying for places. Many schools have also built strong and enduring links with communities, schools and projects that we work with overseas. We are happy to provide references on request.

Join us, change the lives of your students, the communities you meet and even your own.